New History Book

History is only worthwhile if we can retell it in a way that is memorable. That’s what this book is all about. I want you to enjoy history as much as I do and why not after all English history has so much to offer and treat us with.

For far too long is has been much maligned in many people’s minds because of the way it is taught in school. Its high time people see it in all its glory and appreciate for all its uniqueness.

This book is different. You won’t see rote repetition of facts and figures, social trends, comprehensive examinations of famous events or long-winded biographies. Instead this book brings English history alive by taking an unashamed look at the untold, interesting and personal stories that reveal the essence of the colourful characters and outlandish personalities that have frequently been overlooked in our country’s glorious past. 

See, hear and feel events by getting inside the minds of those people who witnessed and made history in their own words.  Prepare to hear a different version of history with stories you have probably never heard of such as….

- How one ingenious Scout took on overwhelming odds to stand up to the might of the Boer army during a long town siege.
- Churchill’s daring escape from a prison of war camp
- The cabinet ministers who fought sword duels at the break of dawn
- the English Civil War you never heard of
- the assassination of a British Prime Minister
- the glorious feasting and debauchery of a drunken King

and much, much more

Watch out for my History ebook as it will be arriving before the end of June 2018.